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The Blue Room Session and Update

I went to the sacred Blue Room cave today with a friend named Narayandass. Its waters are known for their healing powers. I made a recording of some chanting before we meditated there. It was a special time and extremely high on my “Before I Go” list. A recording can be found at https://archive.org/details/Blueroomkauai. The raw recording has nothing added…

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Mangala Sutta Dhamma Talk

Here is a link for the Dhamma Talk on November 28, 2015. The talk was the third on the Mangala Sutta. This time, there was a high quality recorder. Talks are not edited. There are three parts. Lovingkindess and chanting. Part 1 Mangala sutta -who are the wise and review. Part 2 Meditation. Part 3


Radio kkcr

Dear Friends, Here is the link to the radio show: We will be on the radio on Sunday at 11:00 am Hawaii time. The radio station is kkcr and can be streamed at the main page below. http://www.kkcr.org Program 10am -12pm http://www.kkcr.org/djs/kamran.htm We will come on at 11am island time. We will give a Dhammatalk in . on November 28th…

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Very Sweet Indeed

Yesterday, we got some pre-Halloween candy during our alms round at one of the houses. I thought that was very “sweet” of our donor. Halloween is a holiday on October 31, in America where kids dress up as, well, anything they want. They go around the neighborhood at night and ring the doorbells and say “Trick or treat!”. Then the…

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