Otoscope In The Monk's Clinic

Otoscope In The Monk's Clinic
It is always nice to see something that I arranged being used in the clinic as standard equipment.
I am sure the donor of the clinic itself feels a hundred times better.

Btw: An otoscope is the standard device doctors use to look inside your ears. I have never seen a general practitioner anywhere in Sri Lanka or Myanmar have one of these on his/her desk. Only a regular torch or flashlight is used to look inside the ears. The ENT specialist is the one to see if you wish to have an otoscope used.

Article by Bhikkhu Subhuti

Bhikkhu Subhuti is an American Buddhist Monk with roots in both Sri Lanka and Myanmar Forest Traditions. He currently resides in Myanmar but his heart sometimes floats back to Kauai, HI where he spent six months in 2015.